What is an Open Edition vs. Limited Edition in Fine Art Prints?

Here’s a good teaching opportunity to our readers who are currently, or want to be, more knowledgeable art collectors.  For those who either already are, or are interested in becoming art collectors of Tony Levin’s work, we just officially released an authorized collection of five open edition inkjet prints.  These vintage photographs of Peter Gabriel are mostly from tours which took place during the 1980s. They are, without question, among some of the most iconic photos taken of Peter, and of that era in rock music.
This historic print project started in 2016 when Jon Lybrook, Lead Printmaker at Intaglio Editions, approached Tony about doing a fine art photogravure collection of his and his fans’ favorite prints from his illustrious, 50-plus year career on stage. The project evolved into two collections so far, Tony’s King Crimson Limited Edition Photogravure Collection, and his newest open edition inkjet Collection of Peter Gabriel vintage photos.
We will be producing and selling these signed, open edition, fine art prints until the end of the Peter Gabriel I/O tour in the fall of 2023, at least. After that, who knows if we’ll continue to edition them? We will likely move on to publishing newer work of Tony’s, which would be party funded by these print sales.
For new art collectors who may be interested: Open Edition prints, such as this special Peter Gabriel Vintage Photo collection, aren’t tied to a commitment to a certain number of prints. How many signed prints go out into the world may be hundreds, or thousands, or more! We’ll continue to make them as they sell, until we decide to stop. This is unlike Limited Edition runs, in which the artist and publisher commit to a specific maximum number of prints that can be made.
Have you decided on your favorite Peter Gabriel prints? Be sure to post a photo of you with your Tony Levin print and hashtag #tonylevin and #tonylevinprints ! Peter Gabriel’s I/O World Tour will run through October 2023 with a break in July and August, so Tony can sign more prints with us!  
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