Little Plastic 3D Gizmos

At Intaglio Editions we get alot of interesting requests from people all over the world.  People are printing on all things from fine Italian heavyweight paper to tea bags, from silk-like, handmade Japanese gampi to cotton T-shirts.  We’ve printed on all these things with our custom, most continuous tone, fully processed, intaglio photogravure plates commercially available, up to 23 x 39″!

We do our best to respond to all inquiries and, if there’s sufficient interest, post them here, with permission of the participant whenever possible.  The one below has us stumped.  If anyone has any suggestions for the writer below seeking custom, little plastic 3d gizmos, I will gladly pass them on.

Jon Lybrook - Intaglio Editions“I need a little plastic gizmo about two inches, or so, wide, with little rectangular cubes on it. I have one part of it and need it’s mirror image because It makes my shower doors work.

I am told that a desk top 3D printer can reproduce it easily.

Because I only need one small part, I am not going to invest in a prototype meant to use to produce thousands of pieces. Can you refer me to someone who has the 3D printer who can do this inexpensively for me? I would certainly appreciate your help.”



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